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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eyes on the ball?

Over at Oxblog, David and Taylor are having great fun getting stuck into the Remnick article on Bill Clinton in the New Yorker. It's all great fun, of course - Remnick rambles on for 24 pages (!) giving us insight into Clinton's view's on Bush (W, but not HW, which is actually more interesting), Hillary and the Presidency, impeachment and the Beautiful Game. It's even nice to see a bit of debate on a group blog, rather than the usual united front. seems to be missing the point, really. A vast chunk of the article deals with Clinton's post-Presidential role fighting the spead of AIDS (it's actually more critical than you'd think), and this gets no mention at all. Guys, isn't this vastly more important than his approval ratings?

Or maybe I'm just a massive party pooper...


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